“Yes, your transformation will be hard. Yes, you will feel frightened, messed up and knocked down. Yes, you’ll want to stop. Yes, it’s the best work you’ll ever do.”
— Robin Sharma



“In the journey of self discovery and relationships they say it’s really hard to see your blind spots. In three sessions with Sacha I achieved more insight into myself and my relationship patterns than I thought possible. She is warm and kind and most importantly she asks these questions that pierce through to the heart of what is going on. You will not regret booking a session with her. “

— A.M.

“Working with Sacha helped me turn the corner in a number of areas. She has a knack for finding the heart of what's most needed during the moment, but also following threads from session to session in a really organic way. I felt supported, challenged, and understood. ”

— C.P.

“I started working with Sacha to resolve questions and conflicts in my 10-year marriage. Through her powerful coaching and extraordinary training, she supported me in seeing for myself how I’d been showing up in my relationship and what I could do to get less triggered and bring more self-love and compassion to myself and my life. Working with Sacha helped me take 100% responsibility for my relationship, which allowed me to be free, empowered and at peace. I know going forward that this work will help me improve not only the relationship with my husband but with nearly everyone with whom I have a close intimate relationship, including my children.”

— E.M.